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Alisha Morenike Fisher

Architecture & Built EnvironmentEmerging & New Technology (e.g. VR, hybrid technology, 3D printing)Urban Design, Landscape Design, Green Infrastructure

Alisha is a Design Polymath, Host, Podcaster, Entrepreneur, and Innovator engaged in practices surrounding green building and construction innovation, equitable cities, technology, spatial decoloniality, and African urbanism within the natural and built environment. Alisha is a Design Council Expert and a Design Review Panel Member for Croydon.

Over the last 7 years, Alisha has been creating businesses, networks, and platforms for specific communities in the built and natural environment to support and advance their career trajectories. Alisha’s work within the built environment focuses on housing, placemaking, landscape architecture, and community-led design through her company MIGRANT’S BUREAU.

She is the Founding Director of MIGRANT’S BUREAU, utilising her skills in project management to deliver successful projects to build a culture where immigrant and migrant communities build and design housing, playgrounds, and community centres with emerging technology. Additionally, Alisha hosts her own podcast, A is for Morenike, leading the voices of brave, audacious, and powerful women surrounding wellness innovation and celebrating womanhood. She has also been building the new network SIS INNOVATES, creating a space where Black Women can build, innovate, and design for their own wellness and environmental design futures.

Alisha Morenike Fisher