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Anna Chatzimichali

Systemic Design, Policy Design

Anna serves as an Associate Professor of Engineering Design at the University of Bath. With a foundation in Systems Engineering and a passion for design-led solutions, Anna's career encompasses an extensive range of professional experiences. Her expertise is built on roles across academia, research, and private practice both internationally and in the UK. This background enables her to bring a rich multifaceted perspective to her work and effectively integrate diverse methodologies and ideas.

Her current research focuses on design cognition, home energy management, and design circularity. She actively advocates for the integration of more human-centred principles in energy solutions and technologies targeted at the home and community levels. Her work guides new research initiatives and significantly shapes the academic curriculum.

Anna is deeply dedicated to fostering inclusivity in design. She holds a position as an EPSRC EDI Network Plus Fellow, where she develops strategic interventions to promote inclusivity at organizational levels. Additionally, as a Trustee on the Board of Designability Charity, Anna actively supports the development of products that profoundly improve the lives of people with disabilities.

Anna's international influence is further underscored by her role as an expert evaluator for the European Commission. In this capacity, she assesses critical developments in engineering, manufacturing, and technology, shaping the future of industrial research.

Anna Chatzimichali