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Jenny Roe

Architecture & Built EnvironmentDesign Academic, EducatorUrban Design, Landscape Design, Green Infrastructure

Dr. Jenny Roe is a Professor and Director of the Center for Design & Health in the School of Architecture, University of Virginia. An environmental psychologist and former head of Landscape Architecture for an international architectural practice, she writes, lectures, and consults for a wide range of academic and public audiences on human health-centered design for the built environment. She is an expert in restorative environments that support mental health, including an important role for public parks and urban green space. Her book on this subject, "Restorative Cities: Urban Design for Mental Health and Wellbeing" (Roe and McCay 2021), explores a new way of designing cities that puts mental health at the forefront. A co-edited book continues this theme by exploring ‘Infrastructure, Wellbeing, and the Measurement of Happiness’ (Mahmoudi, Roe & Seaman, Routledge 2022). Her next book sets out an evidence-based approach for designing interiors for wellbeing, "Restorative Architecture: The Science of Design for Mental Health and Wellbeing” (Bloomsbury 2027).

Roe has won numerous awards and research grants exploring a rich variety of architectural and landscape contexts and their psychological impact on people. Her scholarly outputs include over sixty peer-reviewed publications, including for the World Health Organization and The Lancet. She sits on the board of directors for The Center for Advanced Design Research & Evaluation (US) and advises various community organizations and foundations on strategies for promoting and implementing health-centered design.

She is a former Senior Research Leader in Human Wellbeing and Behavior Change for the Stockholm Environment Institute, where she worked with environmental scientists and health professionals to find solutions to build sustainable, resilient, and healthy cities across the globe. Prior to academia, she was Principal Landscape Architect in a multidisciplinary architectural practice in London called Sprunt, specializing in social housing, educational, and healthcare design.

Jenny Roe