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Jonathan Irawan

Architecture & Built EnvironmentDigital & AIEmerging & New Technology (e.g. VR, hybrid technology, 3D printing)

Jonathan Irawan holds the role of Computational Design Lead at Hassell Studio, where he stands at the vanguard of innovation, technology, and sustainability. He continually explores and experiments with cutting-edge tools and workflows, aiming to shape a future where design and project delivery in the built environment are characterized by optimism, inclusivity, and boundless creativity.


With an extensive background encompassing diverse projects spanning Asia, Australia, America, and the UK, Jonathan brings a wealth of experience to his work. His design approach is grounded in evidence-based and data-driven processes, seamlessly merging academic insights with practical industry applications. In his current capacity, Jonathan spearheads a series of pioneering projects that serve as lighthouse projects that challenge existing conventions to accelerate sustainable and regenerative design practices. These endeavors exemplify his dedication to pushing the boundaries of what's possible within his design practice, showcasing a deep-rooted commitment to creating a more environmentally and socially equitable built environment.


Jonathan's dedication extends beyond the studio walls; he actively champions climate activism. As an engaged coordinator of ACAN (Architecture Climate Action Network), he plays an instrumental role in driving tangible change and advocating for a more sustainable future within the construction industry.

Jonathan Irawan