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Laura Santamaria

Strategic Design, Design InnovationDesign Academic, EducatorDesign Critic, Writer, Curator

Laura is an international design practitioner, researcher, and educator with a PhD in Sustainable Innovation and an MA in Strategic Design. Beginning her career in branding and strategic design, Laura worked with clients such as AB InBev, Nike, ITV, Santander, Oxfam, Unilever, EY, Sainsbury’s, and London Fashion Week. Her practice evolved to encompass cultural research, futuring, and trend forecasting. As a leading expert in Design Semiotics, Laura’s work is crucial for tackling the complexities of designing in a multicultural and globalized world. Her methodology integrates cultural theory, marketing, and cognitive science, providing a deeply insightful approach to user research, innovation, and influencing social change.


As the founder of Sublime Magazine, Laura pioneered sustainable lifestyles media. Her international influence includes shaping public opinion through writing, consulting, public speaking, and mentoring. Currently, Laura is the Research Lead at the RCA School of Communication. She has previously held leadership roles at the Cambridge School of Art and Loughborough University London, where she led sustainability curriculum and knowledge exchange innovation, leveraging her experience to bridge academia and industry. Laura is passionate about inspiring designers, businesses, and educators to create a positive impact on society and the environment. She believes in unity through diversity and is committed to personal development, empowerment, and flourishing societies.

Laura Santamaria