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Myles Igwebuike

Interior Design, Performance DesignCraftsDesign Academic, Educator

Myles Igwebuike is a Nigerian-American multidisciplinary designer and diplomat. He has crafted his practice through a dynamic blend of disruption and adaptation across various mediums, including design, fine art, sound, architecture, and diplomacy. This culminates in his TED Talk titled "Divergent Thinking as a Survival Strategy." Since 2018, his philosophy has centred on the intersection of curiosity and simplicity, drawing inspiration from the intricate, multi-dimensional, and sometimes paradoxical nature of the Kola Nut. Through a cross-pollination of disciplines, travel, and materials, he views himself as a cultural bridge and a guardian of heritage.


Myles Igwebuike believes in the power of community and its role in the future of design. His mission is to forge a universal design language free from medium constraints, giving birth to a fresh vision of African design. Myles is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Design at the Royal College of Art in London while maintaining a creative and diplomatic presence in the US and the Global South. Igwebuike is a World Economic Forum Global Shaper and has served on the curatorial board for the Sharjah Architecture Triennial and is currently working on two public design projects in eastern Nigeria.

Myles Igwebuike