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Owen Wainhouse

Head of Delivery

Owen Wainhouse is Head of Delivery at Design Council where he oversees the pipeline, management and delivery of Design Council programmes.  

Owen started his career in politics, first running successful political campaigns and subsequently managing the legislative work for a Member of the European Parliament in Brussels.  He subsequently ran European Affairs for the British Council, the UK’s internal cultural relations organisation.   

Returning to London, he worked in a number of roles at the Royal Institute of British Architects, including two years as Director of the RIBA’s London Regional Office, where he launched the RIBA Incubator for emerging architecture practices. He also managed a number of international trade missions and major exhibitions.  

As Deputy Director of the London Festival of Architecture he helped relaunch the LFA as a major cultural event in the Capital. He is a physics graduate but likes working in the boundary between arts and sciences. Outside of work Owen enjoys adventure and extreme endurance sports, particularly 100-mile mountain ultramarathons.

Owen Wainhouse