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Yolande Barnes

She believes in the capability of real estate tocontribute to global human happiness and has the modest ambition to see a world where everyone lives in a home they love at a price they can afford. She believes that the only way to even begin achieving this is for people to step outside of their specialist silos and come together to understand and solve the ‘wicked’ problems of the 21st century together.

Yolande provides thought-leadership in real estate as well as evidence-based advice to a wide variety of clients, including private and public sector land owners, investors, developers, bankers, local authorities, government, housing associations, think tanks, management consultants, lenders and NGOs. Her current academic role includes teaching, re-thinking real estate, institute-building and thought-leadership.

Yolande is an NED and on the advisory boards for a variety of organisations and Commissions. She is an Honorary Fellow of RIBA, a Fellow of The Society of Property Researchers, Academician at the Academy of Urbanism, Patron of Create Streets and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

Yolande Barnes