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Morag Myerscough – The bright and bold Royal Designer for Industry

Morag Myerscough – The bright and bold Royal Designer for Industry

30 October 2018

Morag’s work straddles a space that includes designers, artists and architects. Her work is characterised by colourful boldness with a strong graphic design signature, often using big type or lettering and geometric elements. 

She has worked with public organisations, councils, planners and developers on a range of bold projects, from creating the Design Museum’s first permanent exhibition to transforming rooms in Sheffield Children’s Hospital. Some of her other work includes the Deptford Project Café and MVMNT Café to The Bernie Grant Arts Centre Café.

Looking back on her younger self, Morag wonders whether her biggest challenge as a woman was getting over her own anxiety. Only hindsight (and the comments of an old university tutor) made her rethink whether these were preconceived issues that didn’t exist as much as she thought. 

For Morag, creating diversity in the sector means targeting young people, their parents and teachers and showing them that success doesn’t just have to be going down an academic route, but that there are many other more creative options. 

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