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Design for public good

Design for public good

3 June 2013

Our research and analysis on design-led innovation in the public sector has been compiled into one research report, Design for public good. 

It highlights best practice and explains the value of design techniques for governments across the EU.

Four key recommendations from the report

  1.  Use the Public Sector Design Ladder as a tool and roadmap for progression
  2. Build design thinking into government and public policy practice
  3. Build a strong design sector that can offer strategic and service design to the public sector
  4. Build the evidence base and impact measurements for design innovation in the public sector

About the Public Sector Design Ladder

The Public Sector Design Ladder is a framework for effecting change in the Public Sector.












Step 1: Design for discrete problems

Step 2: Design as capability

Step 3: Design for policy


At the launch of the Design for public good report, we asked a number of government representatives, designers and academics how design can help us to deliver better public services. Here's what they had to say:






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This report was produced by the Design Council in collaboration with the Danish Design Centre, Design Wales and Aalto University in Finland. The project was supported by the European Commission.

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