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Impact Report: Chapter 3

Impact Report: Chapter 3

15 July 2020

In recent years there has been an awakening in the public sector to the value of design, as the sector is required to deliver complex services with fewer resources. Design Council has been playing a major role in helping local authorities across the UK to use design to reshape key services and develop new products.

In the last year alone, we helped 1,000 people across 42 local authorities to understand, learn and apply design skills to their challenges. This third chapter in our Making life better by design series shows Design Council's notable success in this area. We focus on initiatives such as our popular public sector innovation programme, in which 93% of participants last year went on to share their design skillsets and mindsets with colleagues.

In this chapter, you will find information on:




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Case Study: Improving the A&E experience

Violence in our A&Es costs the NHS at least £69m a year in staff absences alone, with as many as 59,000 physical assaults on staff a year. A normal response would have been to install glass screens and security guards at reception. But by taking a different design-led approach in three hospitals, new measures were put in place which cut reported threatening body language and aggressive behaviour by 50%, and improved patient experience. Find out more here

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