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Mirror Windows

The Design Council is a Royal Charter charity that works in the public interest.

Design Economy: 2021-2024

This summer we’ll be launching Design Economy: 2021-2024, the latest in our ground-breaking research series on the value of design in the UK.

Partner Projects

Karl Solano: Design Books

Explore case studies of our work with a wide range of partners.

Our Impact

Ryo Tanaka: Globe Centerpiece

The Design Council's work creates environmental, social and economic impact.

Our History

Discover the legacy of ground-breaking events and initiatives produced since our founding in 1944.

Design Economy

History of Design Economy Reports

Our landmark research series highlights the economic, social and environmental value of design in the UK.

Our Work

Digital Render of Explore Station Hub Concept

From grassroots to government, we deliver programmes, produce world-class research and influence policy.

Design for Planet Fellows

Design for Planet design

Finn Harries Finn is a British filmmaker and designer. He is the co-founder of Earthrise Studio, a digitial media company dedicated to communicating the climate crisis through research, design and…

Design for Planet Skills & Innovation Hub

Design for Planet Design

Discover skills and knowledge to design and innovate for net zero and beyond.

Vincent Goodstadt

Vincent has held a range of posts in local government, including strategic planning for urban regeneration, economic development, regional transport and environmental policies.
This included…