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Husam AlWaer

Architecture & Built EnvironmentDesign Academic, EducatorUrban Design, Landscape Design, Green Infrastructure

Husam is an 'urbanist' with a background in architecture, urban planning, and sustainability. He is currently a Professor/ Chair in Urban Design at the University of Dundee, having previously researched and taught at Reading and Liverpool universities. He has worked with various UK and International governmental and corporate agencies on research, training, and engagement projects. Husam’s work has had a demonstrable impact in both academia and practice. He has a focused interest in the past and future of sustainable places, towns, and cities (including the 20-minute Neighbourhoods), and in particular, the development of new approaches to sustainable urbanism and the way new methodologies are facilitated and managed.

Husam is an award-winning author with published work on a wide range of subjects from architecture, urbanism, sustainability, and healthy neighborhoods to the specifics of placemaking, facilitation, and performance evaluation. He brings insight to research, teaching, community stakeholder engagement, and professional practice at the intersection between theoretical and contemporary policy and practice. Titles include: "Site and Composition: Design strategies in Architecture and Urbanism," "Rethinking Masterplanning: Creating Better Places," and "Understanding the 20-minute Neighborhood: Making opportunities for people to live well locally." Husam is a member of the Urban Design Group Executive Committee and was invited as an Official Observer & Presenter for COP26 Glasgow.

Husam AlWaer