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Conversations with Black Creatives: (Inclusive Design) Edition​
Tuesday, 30 March 2021 |12:00 – 13:30 BST| Virtual

This is the last event in our 3-part series amplifying and sharing the work of Black creatives from different design disciplines. In this event, we will explore inclusive design and how this notion is expanding from where it started around designing products and places that are accessible to all, to something more systemic where we are designing products and places, policies and narratives which promote equity for all.

- Julian Thompson and Zaisha Smith will talk about their work on equity-centred design, and research with Black communities to amplify different ways of knowing about loss and joy, from which services, places and products can be built. 

Natasha Trotman will talk about her work to create embodied experiences, increasing awareness of non-typical and neurodivergent ways of being and knowing, pushing designers to move away from ‘fixing a problem’ to embracing the complexities of difference.

Dr Makayla Lewis will talk about participatory design to engage with the public to make public services better understood and inclusive. 

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