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Andrew Skelton

High quality detail and craftwork offer opportunities for local people to contribute to change and present tangible and practical ways to embed more diverse representation in our built environment. For the last twelve years he has worked part time as Public Art Officer for Sheffield City Council.

He works closely with the Council's award-winning Landscape Architects both as part of the design team and integrating the work of artists. His work involves consultation with local communities and user groups, writing briefs and directing artists as well as procurement, project and budget management and accountability.

He works throughout the Council with different directorates including housing, regeneration and social care and throughout the city with a wide and diverse range of communities and individuals. Over the last 35 years, he has run a studio and craft-based workshop designing and making furniture.

Initially making unique individual pieces the emphasis and scope of his work has evolved to become more focused on public buildings and spaces and particularly public seating. This studio practice continues to the present day.

Andrew Skelton