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Umesh Pandya

Umesh Pandya is a designer driven by using design and technology to solve problems that matter.

In 2015 while working at ustwo, he co-founded Wayfindr, a multi-award-winning, social tech, not-for-profit that empowers vision-impaired people to navigate the world independently. In 2017 Wayfindr became the world's first international standard for audio-based indoor navigation.

From 2011 - 2015 he led the product development of FinTech products for Barclays Bank that have improved the banking experience for older people and people with physical and/or cognitive impairments. For many people, this was the first time they were able to access their money independently. Umesh created the Social Venture Canvas ( to support organisations that want to do well and do good. An ongoing project, it continues to evolve as he learns from the work he does with social enterprises, charities, and NGOs.

Umesh Pandya