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What is Design?

Gayle Appleyard Gagarin Leeds Footbridge

Design is the shaping of ideas, whether the physical world we live in, the experiences we enjoy, or the systems that underpin how we live our lives.

Championing The Value of Design

Design Economy 2018 Report

Design Economy is our pioneering research series into the economic, social and environmental value of design.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion post-it notes

Promoting equality and diversity is core to our purpose to make life better by design.

Executive Co-ordinator Maariyah Amejee

Maariyah is our Executive Co-ordinator at Design Council, where she is responsible for providing comprehensive calendar management and administrative support to the Executive Team. Alongside this,…

Head of Finance Holly Robinson

As Head of Finance Holly manages the Finance Team and the operations of the finance function.  Holly provides oversight to the production of monthly management reporting and oversees and…

Programme Manager Ross Crawford

As a Programme Manager, Ross delivers our national infrastructure and place programmes – ranging from national community engagement programmes, embedded strategic design, and the facilitation of…

Paul Monaghan

Paul’s projects at all scales have been recognised as exemplars of outstanding design, collaborative creativity, applied technology, research and sustainability. These include William Street…

Co-Deputy Chair Prof. Anne Boddington

Educated as an architect, urbanist and cultural geographer, she has 35-years’ experience in higher education and 20 in senior leadership, most recently as PVC for Research, Business &…

Co-Deputy Chair Prof. Tim Stonor

Tim is an architect and urban planner who has devoted his career to the analysis and design of human behaviour patterns: the ways in which people move, interact and transact in buildings and urban…

Beatrice Fraenkel

Beatrice is an industrial designer and ergonomist with more than 25 years’ experience in regeneration, working in the private and public sector using design as a means of improving land values,…